A Bit About Eric


Eric Fütterer has a mission in life to fix your voice. He has focused on troubled voices for over two decades giving countless professionals the ability to continue and return to their loves and livelihoods. "My voice has become bullet-proof," isn't an uncommon quote from his students whose failed voices have returned rejuvenated to better than ever condition. Your voice wants to perform perfectly for you. He can help you to give it that chance.

Recording artists, Broadway performers, Stars of film and TV, as well as Opera singers have relied on Eric's expertise to correct problems and develop rich, trouble-free, and easy to use voices. Also, his roster of students has included many university professors of voice and private voice instructors who have had to face the difficult situation of personal vocal failure, who at the same time are being entrusted to prevent that same failure in their students.

Who can an experienced well-credentialed teacher turn to for answers and assistance? Who can a professional performer turn to for immediate and discreet guidance? Eric's research and experience in developing advanced vocal technique combined with years of successfully teaching it have provided serious and successful answers to those who have the greatest needs.

Vocal health is normal, and should be present day in and day out. Access to a wide easy range is essential in promoting vocal-health, it is not an outcome of it. Freeing your voice of problems can free your life of worry and frustration.

Eric Fütterer is a professional whose reliability and ethics are renowned and appreciated by all who have worked with him. Many of his students also find his creative output to be a necessary enhancement toward understanding and contributing to their particular circumstances. He has written and produced countless songs as composer and/or lyricist both as a ghost and under his own name for such clients as Walt Disney International, Women of Faith, Icanhelptoo.org, Taormina Industries, and Edwards Lifesciences, in addition to film scores and novels.

A Bullet proof voice with total vocal freedom and health are your rights, but they don't happen by accident. Contact Eric and learn how to claim them.