Voice Philosophy

Building, Maintaining and Rejuvenating the Voice — Cradle to Grave


Many older singers become increasing unhappy with the tonal quality, range and endurance of their voices. A frequent occurrence is to attribute the decline to aging and/or lack of practice. However, in may cases, the singer has what might be described in athletics as a sports injury, or a decline in potency due to the misapplication of intrinsic musculature. Age certainly plays a part in that the misused area doesn't repair itself quite as rapidly as it used to. If you have become dissatisfied with your own voice--or perhaps never reached quite the peak you had hoped for--age should not be an alibi for deferring the correction of bad vocal practice. "Many extremely 'well trained' and accomplished singers have found relief and success with Parametric Voice Building Technique.  Please contact me if you would like to join them and restore the pleasure of singing and listening to your own voice. Remember, endurance equates to longevity."

Eric has a strong devotion to his students. "When I commit to teach someone, I commit. I am here today and will be here tomorrow. To me, a student is not a stopgap until a better gig comes along, but an honored responsibility. I have total commitment to my students and their long-term needs." Having a rich background in performing, Mr. Fütterer continues, "As my students do, I have a creative urge to fulfill as well. I have developed a professional creative life, as a writer and composer, which allows me to stay local and to keep focused on my students. It's the best of both worlds."