Thoughts On My Work


In general, the best that can be said about endorsements is that they reflect the outcome of the exchange between teacher and performer.  I don't appreciate it when an artist lists me on their resume when they have taken only a lesson or two with me, even though we might have made great advances on their issues, and, I'm sure, vice versa.  Work in the studio is not a performance nor is it a public relations exercise; it is the enactment of a partnership, a virtual team effort.

The issue isn't what I did for someone who has already "made it", but what you can expect of your voice when you are engaged in a solid building and development program with me.  It is your voice we need to focus on.  Most of my practice is based on referrals, as it has been for twenty-five years, not on advertisements.  I very seldom accept someone who hasn't been referred to me by one my students.  Yet, I do realize the need to research teachers.

With that in mind, and while still trying to bridge the gap between their and my privacy, I offer these comments about my teaching and students from a mixed forum of public and private figures.


Lara Teeter, Tony Award nominee:

"Eric, you are a total master.  After all these years I can't believe my voice feels youthful again.  And it has really started to grow."


Mandy Moore:

"Eric, you are the best."


"Oh, my God.  Her voice is perfection."

—Oprah Magazine giving a review on one of Eric's Operatic Protégées.


"The most beautiful voices I have ever heard."

—Walter Cronkite speaking about Eric's students


"You can't teach people how to sing that well!"

—Dr. Laura Schlesinger talking about a group of Eric's students


Dr. Edward Kantor, Laryngologist:

"Eric has the best diagnostic ears in the business."